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Раз в месяц, мы организуем интенсивный тренинг для действующих шеф-поваров и менеджеров ресторанов на базе учебных программ университета прикладных наук HAAGA-HELIA (Финляндия). Основа успешности HAAGA-HELIA – профессионализм в сфере предпринимательства и в сфере обслуживания, коммуникации и передачи информации, информатики и профессиональной педагогики. Около 650 местных и зарубежных специалистов высшего уровня принимают участие в обучении и поддержке студентов. Отправной точкой деятельности HAAGA-HELIA является качественное практико-ориентированное обучение, которое соответствует знаниям и навыкам, требующимся в бизнесе и услугах. В HAAGA-HELIA можно получить степень бакалавра и магистра, диплом программы MBA, аттестацию профессионального преподавателя, а также принимать участие в исследовательских проектах. HAAGA-HELIA предлагает обучение персонала для частных фирм, предприятий и других организаций.



Темы тренингов этой осени:

  • Развитие и дизайн концепта
  • Кулинарные техники. Часть первая: Sous-Vides
  • Кулинарные техники. Часть вторая: Мастер-класс по северной кухне
  • Управление доходами в ресторанном бизнесе

Рабочий язык тренингов — английский. Для наших студентов действуют специальные цены. Частные лица могут оформить возврат 20% через Налогово-таможенный департамет.

Revenue Management in the Restaurant Business

Format: classroom workshop
Coach: Markku Halmeenmäki
Date: 27.02.17 and 28.02.17
Time: 10:30 – 16:30
Place: Parda 6, Tallinn
Price: 249 EUR+VAT (2 days)
Special price for TET graduates (or Hospitality Insiders Club Members): 199 EUR+VAT

The course provides understanding of the principles and practices of hospitality revenue management. The objective is to enhance the participant´s capabilities to work with it, as he gets the know-how, practical hints and tools for driving efficiency, profitability and competitiveness within a restaurant business.

Throughout the course, the participant will learn:

  • Pricing and revenue management in the restaurant industry
  • Internal and external measurements of revenue management
  • Pricing models and tools
  • Forecasting revenue and operational expenses
  • Strategic and tactical pricing and revenue management

Concept Design and Development

Format: classroom training
Coach: Markku Halmeenmäki
Date: 16.01.17 and 17.01.17
Time: 10:30 – 16:30
Place: Parda 6, Tallinn
Price: 249 EUR+VAT (2 days)
Special price for TET graduates (or Hospitality Insiders Club Members): 199 EUR+VAT

This course teaches the participant how to ideate, plan, set-up and build a culinary concept from the scratch. The individual learns how to spot and channel a trend into a new idea, make it sustainable and produce a business plan, a real product, and a visual merchandising manual, blending operational and theoretical concepts, to produce a tangible result.

Throughout the course, the participant will learn:

  • Megatrends, Trends and Signals
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Concept Driven Product Development
  • Customer Driven Product Development
  • Value Creation, New Service Development and Service Design

Culinary Techniques II: Nordic Cuisine

Format: kitchen workshop
Coach: Pekka Terävä
Date: 14.11.16 and 15.11.16
Time: 11:00-19:00
Place: Sõle 3, Tallinn
Price: 599 EUR+VAT (2 days)
Special price for TET graduates (or Hospitality Insiders Club Members): 549 EUR+VAT

During this module, the participant will get acquainted with both modern and traditional Nordic ingredients and techniques, which have uplifted the Scandinavian cuisine into the highest level of reputation. The participant will get an introduction to foraging and choosing sustainable ingredients, learn how to preserve foods with different methods (salting, smoking, dehydrating, pickling, among others); and incorporate these into flavorful, balanced and well-presented dishes.

Throughout the course, the participant will learn:

  • Nordic cuisine definition, New Nordic and regional differences
  • Nordic ingredients from the sea, forest, countryside
  • Conservation techniques: salting, smoking, dehydrating, pickling
  • Bakery and pastry basics
  • Dish assembly

Culinary Techniques I: Sous-Vide

Format: kitchen workshop
Coach: Sami Rekola
Date: 12.10.16 and 13.10.16
Time: 11:00-19:00
Place: Sõle 3, Tallinn
Price: 399 EUR+VAT (2 days)
Special price for TET graduates (or Hospitality Insiders Club Members): 349 EUR+VAT

In this course, the participant will upgrade their culinary knowledge with vanguard techniques, used in the most renowned restaurants all over the world. The individual will submerge into the world of sous-vide and the art of temperature control, in order to obtain juicy and soft meat, poultry, fish, eggs, etc. This course will allow the participant to understand, in a deeper level, the importance of temperature when cooking and this technique’s versatility in the kitchen.

Throughout the course, the participant will learn:

  • Definition of Sous-Vide: what is it, why to use it, advantages
  • Process essentials and equipment
  • Sous-vide for:
  • proteins (meat, fish, poultry, etc.)
  • sauces
  • vegetables
  • in pastry


Pekka Terava

Pekka Terävä


    Sami Rekola

      Markku Halmeenmaki

      Markku Halmeenmäki

        Pekka Terävä is the kitchen genius behind the Michelin-starred Olo, and restaurant EMO, who also teaches at Haaga-Helia. He has been working within the culinary field since 1987, and received the Finnish Chef of the Year award 1995, Terävä has been working as a cook, chef and kitchen manager at numerous restaurants and achieved success in many international culinary competitions, both individually and as a member of the Finnish Culinary national team. 
        Accomplished chef Sami Rekola has previously piloted several of the top kitchens in Helsinki (e.g. Palace Gourmet, Savoy and The Boathouse) and was Unilever Food Solutions Nordic countries’ Executive Chef, before joining Haaga-Helia as an instructor. He has served as a member of the Finnish culinary national team, as well as a chef in various organisations, and within the competition served as a coach, judge and team leader.
        M.Sc., BA (Bachelor) Markku Halmeenmäki has worked as a sales and marketing expert and in management positions for 20 years. Halmeenmäki has also experience as a cook and chef, and in restaurant sector teaching positions. Markku Halmeenmäki strongest skills are customer relationship marketing, restaurant and logistics processes, and strategic management. Halmeenmäki has also been a lecturer in Haaga-Helia, as well as the Director of the Culinary Management Diploma Program until 2015.




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