PRO: Revenue Management in the Restaurant Business

PRO: Revenue Management in the Restaurant Business

The course provides understanding of the principles and practices of hospitality revenue management. The objective is to enhance the participant´s capabilities to work with it, as he gets the know-how, practical hints and tools for driving efficiency, profitability and competitiveness within a restaurant business.

Throughout the course, the participant will learn:

Pricing and revenue management in the restaurant industry
Internal and external measurements of revenue management
Pricing models and tools
Forecasting revenue and operational expenses
Strategic and tactical pricing and revenue management
Coach: Markku Halmeenmäki

Markku Halmeenmaki



M.Sc., BA (Bachelor) Markku Halmeenmäki has worked as a sales and marketing expert and in management positions for 20 years. Halmeenmäki has also experience as a cook and chef, and in restaurant sector teaching positions. Markku Halmeenmäki strongest skills are customer relationship marketing, restaurant and logistics processes, and strategic management. Halmeenmäki has also been a lecturer in Haaga-Helia, as well as the Director of the Culinary Management Diploma Program until 2015.





Format: classroom workshop
Place: Parda 6, Tallinn
Target group: professional managers working in Horeca Business
Language: English
Certificate: at the end of the training you will also receive a certificate on completion of the course

You can register to the training by sending an application to [email protected] Additional information 54 555 888.

NB! Price does NOT include VAT.
Special price for TET graduates (or Hospitality Insiders Club Members): 199 EUR+VAT

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Kuupäev: 27.02.2017 - 28.02.2017
Kellaaeg: 10:30 - 16:30
Maksumus: €0.00

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