Master classes

Another significant part of our activities is dedicated to master classes. The program was met with great interest and success. Our atendees showed profound interest in the organization of such events guided by professional chefs. The events are held for participants with different level of knowledge and skills.

Master classes programme was so diversified, that our students enjoyed Christmas evening serving, molecular cuisine as well as national desserts of various countries and many more. The most prominent chefs are part of our great team: Rudolf Visnapuu (President of Estonian Chefs Union), Vladislav Korpusov (Head Chef of Villa Mary Restaurant), Tarmo Randes (Head Chef US Embassy to Estonia), Arthur Ovchinnikov (Head Chef of ENZO Restaurant).

Our kitchen is equiped by professional Elecrolux brand. Here you can spend any private event. We are happy to organize it for you, taking into consideration the specification of your event. If you wish to rent our kitchen in order to realize your own culinary ideas and fantasy, you can find more details on terms and conditions in Service section.