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Horeca Edu OÜ specializes on culinary services in the field of restaurant, hotels and café study programs, events and trainings.

Teaching culinary arts is our passion and strong point. Our courses are created for the people with different level of knowledge and skills. Languages of instruction are Russian and Estonian, but we also have experience in organizing private lessons in English.


In our school there are three levels of study programmes in culinary arts:

Cook assistant the first level for those who consider culinary their passion. The course offers basic knowledge and skills that can be applied in public food service estblishments. The course comprises such topics as methods of cooking, calculation and customer service. Before graduation, all the students must complete their internship in one of Tallinn restaurants. Diploma – cook assistant. Duration of the course: 240 academic hours. Courses are held in the evening.

Professional cook a comprehensive and specified course for those who would apply for cook position in a restaurant. It gives full information about the profession. The course consists of theoretical and practical lessons. Duration of internship is much longer. Upon graduation, the student is awarded professional cook diploma. There is also possibility to pass an additional exam to receive the professional status of Cook Level 4. Duration of the course – 640 academis hours.

Chef – the course that is created for professionals, who are eager to take a new step in the career. The program is develop by professional chefs, representatives of the best restaurants. In order to apply to the course, previous experience and culinary education are strictly required. The course consists of theoretical and practical lessons. Internship is held in the best restaurants of Tallinn or abroad. There is also possibility to pass an additional exam in order to receive the professional status Cook Level 5. Duration of the course – 600 academic hours. 

Confectionery courses are represented in two formats:

Baker-confectioner assistant – the course held in the evening. Created for those who combine studies and working . The course is in high demand between those who are eager to get a new profession. The program is intensive and comprehensive. Much time is dedicated to developing good skills working with various types of dough – puff pastry, choux paste, etc. Classical desserts represent the core of the program. Duration of the course – 200 academic hours.

Baker-confectioner – comprehensive professional course. After graduation, student can apply for baker-confectioner position in any café, restaurant or bakery. More than 100 are dedicated to various types of pastry. Much attention is paid to healthy ingredients, professional equipment, calculation, modern techniques,etc. There is also the possibility to pass an additional exam in order to receive the professional status of Baker-Confectioner Level 4. Diploma – Baker-confectioner. Duration of the course – 400

There are two additional programs that were created by the best professionals from culinary field. Our school is the only one in Baltics to present these specialities: Cook-Baker and Restaurant Manager.

Cook-baker – joint programme of two basic specialities. We screened over the most important out of theoretical lessons, added many more practical lab works and did significant addition of materials for both. As a result we attained an unique course, suitable for those, who want to get doubled results. Doubled results, skills, practice and job opportunities. Irreplaceable employee, isn’t it? Duration of the course – 400

Restaurant CEO - the eficient one-year program for those who work/are planning to work in a restaurant. Restaurant management is real art and our aim is to teach the students how to be efficient part of this art. The Restaurant management course is based on efficient program of process, personnel and resource administration in restaurant field. All the lectors are succesful experts in the field. The program consists of theoretical and practical aspects, trainings, seminars, round tables and professional tours. Duration of the course – 720 Diploma valid through all European Union.